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4th Year Project

Just wanted to put up a bit about my fourth year project. I started off making a 3d RPG, but because of time constraints and other projects I decide to work on more of an underlying frame fro one. I got all of the character movement and abilities working and spent a lot of time practicing 3d modelling for the spaceship that you see in the main menu. I had a conversation engine built that would change depending on your decisions. This worked by reading in an xml file and traversing through that. I have included a Google Drive link and some screenshots.


Drive Files

1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 convo


Games Fleadh

Just wanted to put up a post to write about our entry in the Games Fleadh down in Thurles this year. It was an endless runner called Hammy the Hamster. It seemed to be quite popular down at the event and we even won an award for best art and design. I was the lead programmer on the game and we got it out in a couple of weeks. It was a lot of fun to do. Here are some screenshots and a link to the .apk file.

.apk file



Small Minecraft style game

I was messing around programming in Unity today and decided to make a small Minecraft style world. This is only the basic engine of it but it’s a start. I’m not sure if I’ll do anything more with it or not, but I’ll mess around with it some more and see what I come up with.


Left Click – Destroy block.

Right Click – Place block.

R – Restart world.



Android Games

Well I hit a bit of a block with my main game (Awake), so I decided to get myself an Android license. Since then I’ve put out two small games just to start developing again and to continue programming. Here they are for anyone that’s interested.

Football Frenzy :

Flapping Unicorn :


Give it a download and have fun.

Two mock-up posters that I made for the game I’m working on.




Summer 2013

Well for the summer I’ve been working as a programming intern over at a company called Nevermind Games. It was great experience for me and because of that I’m now pretty good at using Unity. Right now I’m working on a game myself to enter in the Unity Windows 8 competition. I’ve only really gotten into it now, so it’s still in very early prototype/planning stages, but I think I should have a quick demo by the end of August, for testing purposes and to get some opinions from people. I’ll be uploading whatever work I get done on this, so if you’re interested; keep an eye out.



Basic Javascript

These are a few basic Javascript examples that I did just to practise the language. We have only started learning now so I’ll have more complicated programs up soon.

A C# assignment that I had


This was a C# assignment that we had in second year. We were given a spec and had to create the program in out own time. I have uploaded the whole project to my Google Drive and it can be downloaded here :


Our 2nd year game – Merlins Revenge

This was a game that we made to enter in the Games Fleadh competition down in Thurles in 2012. I was the lead programmer in our group of 3, with one person being team leader and another designing sound and sprites. We were told to make our own remake of Activision’s classic game Chopper Command, so we took a different approach to it and decided to base it around a wizard called Merlin, travelling through time to battle evil dragons. This was the first full game that I was involved in so the code itself is fairly messy, but in the last year we’ve been taught more about object orientated programming.

Some updated versions of my tank